January/February case studies


We would like to show you couple of cases from our partners.

The first one launched the traffic in the middle of January, the second one – in the middle of February.

These cases perfectly illustrate short/mid-term performance of our solution, so that you could get a better idea of what to expect from our system. In addition, both partners, on those test accounts, stopped the traffic for the following performance evaluation.

It is important to notice, that those tests performed without our latest monetization improvements (at average, from 30% to 50%). Also, during the initial system set up we had some performance issues, which led to roughly 20% installs loss, which were, of course, compensated, but not taken into consideration in these case studies.

January test

Dates of installs: 17 January-3 February
Traffic volume: 55К installs
Clicks volume: 2.5M
CR: 1.99%
Monetization strategy: App: Antivirus 2 Landing
Traffic source: pop traffic
Spent: $750
Current profit  (1.5 months after the start): $1050
Expected overall profit for the next 2-3 months: $2000




February test

Dates of installs: 16-19 of February
Traffic volume: 9К installs
Clicks volume: 110K
CR: 6.17%
GEO: WW (mostly T3)
Monetization strategy: custom link on “Download” button
Traffic source: doorways
Current profit (2.5 weeks after the start): $100
Expected overall profit for the next 2-3 months: $200-250




Few words about retention

This information will be useful for our traffic brokerage partners, who are able to target the traffic by manufacturers. Let’s talk about the retention – the ability of our service to generate ads on various types of devices.To put it simple, there are two types of retention – technical and human based. While we are taking care of the latter, it’s up to our partners to improve the technical retention.

Doing this is simple – just target the right manufacturers.

The best performing vendors are the ones that are mostly present in Tier 1 and Tier 2 countries and less – in Tier 3 countries.

The best one is, of course, Samsung. Its’ retention looks like this:

That means, that our service will keep running for months – at least approximately 25-30% of initial installs.

The same good retention can be observed on Motorola, Asus, LG, Nokia, Lenovo, Sony, Alcatel, HTC, Asus and others international vendors.

The bad retention looks like this:

This is typical for Chinese vendors, largest of which are Huawei, Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo. 

Please avoid targeting these ones, because it would be just a waste of money and, while targeting good-performing vendors, you would increase your ROI dramatically.

Push subscriptions/Android installs (Madmobile) comparison study of revshare monetization

After the launch of our custom links and landings, partners started comparing us with push ads. There is some logic here – both formats apply a long-term monetization by generating ads impressions. So, let’s compare Madmobile and push ads monetization with some key metrics. Though we also do CPI, our key focus is on a revshare monetization, because it eventually generates significantly more money for our partners.

Also, we can’t fail to notice some anxiety among our partners because of the forthcoming 80 version of Chrome, which will complicate things with push notification ads, not to mention the fact that the market is oversaturated with push ads already.

So, this is a short comparison table for both solutions:

You might have noticed already, that push ads will eventually get much less money because of the very low CTR. It is very good for advertisers – they pay for relevant clicks only, but it is not so good for publishers. Moreover, such approach is hugely dependent on advertisers’ skills, and not all advertisers are able to create a really eye-catching push ad.

In the meantime, we do CPM. Of course, CPM rates are also dependent on traffic quality and the number of conversions, but we reduced the impact of those factors to minimum.

So, let’s take a look at live examples and see what kind of difference in revenues you can expect from both solutions.

On the screenshot below there are three statistics from two push networks and Madmobile. Geo-USA. Time interval – around 30 days after specified installs/subscriptions. Also, please don’t forget, that the 2nd and 3rd months will eventually generate approximately the same revenue, additionally.

Obviously, the difference is HUGE. Of course, some geos might not be that radically different, but still the difference is exponential.

Below you can see some more stats about other geos from the same networks with the same conditions.

Some might think that these tests and stats are farfetched and maybe some other partners would have a dramatically different results with their push ads monetization. Well, let’s google some examples and take a look at them:

Example 1

Above is a random screenshot from some unknown advertiser, which was, obviously, doing some dating campaign for Germany. Results are pretty expected – CTR is 0.68%. Eventually, for 1.372.132 impressions the advertiser paid $365. Of course, publisher will get even less than that. With us, 1.5M impressions for Germany would generate $6-8K.

Example 2

In this example 2M requests generate $60-70. Yes, because of the low fill rate those requests generate 100-150K impressions, and in that case we get pretty decent 2-3% CR and $0.5 CPM (here in stats, for some reason, “CPM” stands for 1000 clicks, not impressions). Anyway, in Madmobile the fill rate is close to 100%, so those 2М would generate 2М impressions – with the expected awesome results.

As for shortcomings of android installs monetization, we can pinpoint a lower clicks-to-installs conversion rate for raw traffic – around 0.5-1% or more against 2-3% or more on push ads. Of course, this can be easily fixed by cutting off non-converting sources.

Also, the lifetime of installs might be a bit less than on push ads, but not that significantly.

We hope that you enjoyed the reading. Sign up with us, ask questions and let’s make some $$$! We are always happy to see some new faces among our partners!

Landings launched!

We are happy to announce our new long-awaited promo section with Landings, which will suit perfectly for any CPA partner or any non-APK web site owner! Now all you have to do is to simply start sending the traffic to any of our landings, no more mess with your own landings, coding or whatsoever!

Currently we have over 50 landings, which motivate users to download our app, for virtually any niche:

-adult videos
-adult dating
-app dowloads
-files/torrents/music downloads
-Cleaners/Optimizers/Antivirus system landing pages
-Spin the Wheel/Poker/Casino
-AAA games title landings

and many others!

Please note, that our landings also have a {post} variable, which is extremely useful for any torrent/download/mp3 traffic, which might requite to pass a user a specific variable file name (e.g. if a user looks for “witcher-the-movie.torrent” file, he will be redirected to a torrent download landing page with “witcher-the-movie.torrent.apk” file name). Such variable will increase clicks-to-downloads conversion rate dramatically.

Also, please keep in mind, that we are focused on a revshare model, because eventually it gets our partners 150% and more revenue, than CPI. However, we can also do CPI after a traffic estimation test. For CPI you can expect 10-15 cents per US install.

We hope that you will enjoy working with us!

New mobile web monetization format added: Custom Links


For the last couple of years things got complicated in terms of alternative monetization of Android apps on Google Play and other appstores, for many reasons: copyright issues, Play Protect, customer abuse reports and others. Considering that fact, many of our partners moved on to building their own sites and portals with APKs, MODs and various apps and games for Android, including, but not limited, their own developed apps.

However, this monetization approach also had a lot of issues, such as:

1. Penalties from search engines. It is understandable, that they can’t tolerate sites full of APKs stuffed with aggressive ads.

2. Penalties from Android proprietary built-in protection tool called Play Protect. The bad part here was that freshly integrated apps got banned and removed by Play Protect within 24-48 hours, so the only real solution was to re-build hundreds and thousands of apps every day, which was a mess.

3. Bad user experience and complains in “comments” section for most of apps.

Keeping all those issues in mind, we decided to make some tool, that would be deprived of such problems, and we made it.

The solution is called “custom links”, and it has a whole bunch of advantages in comparison to any other APK monetization solutions, specifically for non-appstore distribution:

1. No penalties from search engines – your APKs stay clean and you don’t need to rebuild them every day.

2. No penalties, blocks or forced silent uninstalls from Play Protect, because these custom links generate a unique complex APK twice a day.

3. No complains from users – eventually they get exactly the same APK which they intend to get. No user experience will be broken.

4. Thanks to this specific APK, the most important advantage here is tremendous clicks-to-installs conversion rates (30%+) and fantastic retention rates (60%+). To put it simple, 100% of your site audience will get this APK in a matter of days and then this APK will be generating impressions for weeks and even months.

5. The easiest integration as possible, without the need to maintain or control this format anytime later. Basically, it’s just like integrating a popup ad.

6. Any other advantages of Madmobile stay at the place, as always – awesome and flexible support, NET7 WEEKLY payouts, up to 90% revshare, very decent CPM rates and no fraud issues or whatever.

7. While focusing on Android-specific software resources, our custom links work perfectly well for any kind of sites with mobile traffic. Also, they are exceptionally useful for driving direct APK download traffic, both paid and organic.

8. Finally, we are ready to offer our partners CPI payouts! (For verified partners only). You can get up to 10 cents for US install instantly! However, please keep in mind that revshare will eventually get you much more.

9. So how much can you generate with our custom links? 10К low-grade installs (Tier 3: IN/ID + many chinese unstable vendors), you can get up to $100 in the first 3 weeks, then $100 in the next 2 months. Right now case studies are in the process of gathering the data, since it is pretty time consuming, but we can show some internal stats on your demand.

How custom links work :

1. A user gets to your portal and hits “download” button for any of your apps.

2. Then the user downloads our unique customized APK, which is already renamed as the target app or game, which a user wants to download. e. g. Minecraft-1.1-mod.apk, or any other name, depending on the downloaded app. This part is totally automated and doesn’t require anything from our partners. Alternatively, in case of limited APK files, they can be named manually without any integration at all.

3. The user installs the app, which seems corrupted to him, however, this app stays on the device and starts generating impressions.

4. All other downloads from your portal, except this first one for the next 24 hours, are original, and user gets exactly the kind of app he wants to download. This is also highly customizable and you can set any time interval between these “non-original” downloads.

Basically, custom link is just a smartlink with automatic download function of a very special and sophisticated APK file.

So, sign up and ping us via email, we’ll be happy to help and set things up!

Your Madmobile team.

Madmobile 2.0: New Ad Formats, Faster Payouts, Higher Rates and More Ads per User!

New Ad Formats, Faster Payouts, Higher Rates and More Ads per User!

We are happy to announce a launch of Madmobile 2.0 – with tons of new awesome features!

So, what’s new?
New ad formats:

While keeping our main ad formats, technical side of ads serving was changed, making ads less intrusive, but more engaging – and, what’s more important in Android, more stable. In the end, you get more ads with the same or even lower ads frequency setting.

Also, additional ad formats like native ads, interstitials and subscription based ads were added – thus increasing the chance that your users will be generating revenue even if your app was totally removed from the device!

New payout terms:

From now on we are moving to weekly NET7 payouts – which means that payments will be conducted each Wednesday, with 7 days hold!

New reporting:

Totally rebuilt backend of the system – from now on each app will have its own ad ID in our ad partners systems (unlike in old Madmobile), which means 100% CPM/Rates/GEO transparency, as well as significantly better ad serving optimization, which eventually ends up in higher rates!

New design and UI:

Our web site was redesigned, becoming more clear and user-friendly. Also, partners’ dashboards were updated: complicated tabs and sub-tabs menus were replaced, country and app filters were added, as well as grouping by apps/country/date. Finally, we added a separate “available payout” and payments tabs where you can check you paid and pending weekly payouts.

New anti-virus and Google Protect modules:

Since our solution is quite ads abusive, positive virus flagging will be inevitable. We will do our best to remove or keep those detections to minimum. However, some flagging might occur even after some routine procedures. For example, using APKTool software, which is the only way to modify any APK file. What’s more important is that, normally, Google Protect blocks the installation of all suspicious APK files on any Android device – but not APKs with our solution, which is good. We worked a lot to get this result and we will try to keep this way of things in the future.