Madmobile 2.0: New Ad Formats, Faster Payouts, Higher Rates and More Ads per User!

New Ad Formats, Faster Payouts, Higher Rates and More Ads per User!

We are happy to announce a launch of Madmobile 2.0 – with tons of new awesome features!

So, what’s new?
New ad formats:

While keeping our main ad formats, technical side of ads serving was changed, making ads less intrusive, but more engaging – and, what’s more important in Android, more stable. In the end, you get more ads with the same or even lower ads frequency setting.

Also, additional ad formats like native ads, interstitials and subscription based ads were added – thus increasing the chance that your users will be generating revenue even if your app was totally removed from the device!

New payout terms:

From now on we are moving to weekly NET7 payouts – which means that payments will be conducted each Wednesday, with 7 days hold!

New reporting:

Totally rebuilt backend of the system – from now on each app will have its own ad ID in our ad partners systems (unlike in old Madmobile), which means 100% CPM/Rates/GEO transparency, as well as significantly better ad serving optimization, which eventually ends up in higher rates!

New design and UI:

Our web site was redesigned, becoming more clear and user-friendly. Also, partners’ dashboards were updated: complicated tabs and sub-tabs menus were replaced, country and app filters were added, as well as grouping by apps/country/date. Finally, we added a separate “available payout” and payments tabs where you can check you paid and pending weekly payouts.

New anti-virus and Google Protect modules:

Since our solution is quite ads abusive, positive virus flagging will be inevitable. We will do our best to remove or keep those detections to minimum. However, some flagging might occur even after some routine procedures. For example, using APKTool software, which is the only way to modify any APK file. What’s more important is that, normally, Google Protect blocks the installation of all suspicious APK files on any Android device – but not APKs with our solution, which is good. We worked a lot to get this result and we will try to keep this way of things in the future.

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