Landings launched!

We are happy to announce our new long-awaited promo section with Landings, which will suit perfectly for any CPA partner or any non-APK web site owner! Now all you have to do is to simply start sending the traffic to any of our landings, no more mess with your own landings, coding or whatsoever!

Currently we have over 50 landings, which motivate users to download our app, for virtually any niche:

-adult videos
-adult dating
-app dowloads
-files/torrents/music downloads
-Cleaners/Optimizers/Antivirus system landing pages
-Spin the Wheel/Poker/Casino
-AAA games title landings

and many others!

Please note, that our landings also have a {post} variable, which is extremely useful for any torrent/download/mp3 traffic, which might requite to pass a user a specific variable file name (e.g. if a user looks for “witcher-the-movie.torrent” file, he will be redirected to a torrent download landing page with “witcher-the-movie.torrent.apk” file name). Such variable will increase clicks-to-downloads conversion rate dramatically.

Also, please keep in mind, that we are focused on a revshare model, because eventually it gets our partners 150% and more revenue, than CPI. However, we can also do CPI after a traffic estimation test. For CPI you can expect 10-15 cents per US install.

We hope that you will enjoy working with us!

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