Push subscriptions/Android installs (Madmobile) comparison study of revshare monetization

After the launch of our custom links and landings, partners started comparing us with push ads. There is some logic here – both formats apply a long-term monetization by generating ads impressions. So, let’s compare Madmobile and push ads monetization with some key metrics. Though we also do CPI, our key focus is on a revshare monetization, because it eventually generates significantly more money for our partners.

Also, we can’t fail to notice some anxiety among our partners because of the forthcoming 80 version of Chrome, which will complicate things with push notification ads, not to mention the fact that the market is oversaturated with push ads already.

So, this is a short comparison table for both solutions:

You might have noticed already, that push ads will eventually get much less money because of the very low CTR. It is very good for advertisers – they pay for relevant clicks only, but it is not so good for publishers. Moreover, such approach is hugely dependent on advertisers’ skills, and not all advertisers are able to create a really eye-catching push ad.

In the meantime, we do CPM. Of course, CPM rates are also dependent on traffic quality and the number of conversions, but we reduced the impact of those factors to minimum.

So, let’s take a look at live examples and see what kind of difference in revenues you can expect from both solutions.

On the screenshot below there are three statistics from two push networks and Madmobile. Geo-USA. Time interval – around 30 days after specified installs/subscriptions. Also, please don’t forget, that the 2nd and 3rd months will eventually generate approximately the same revenue, additionally.

Obviously, the difference is HUGE. Of course, some geos might not be that radically different, but still the difference is exponential.

Below you can see some more stats about other geos from the same networks with the same conditions.

Some might think that these tests and stats are farfetched and maybe some other partners would have a dramatically different results with their push ads monetization. Well, let’s google some examples and take a look at them:

Example 1

Above is a random screenshot from some unknown advertiser, which was, obviously, doing some dating campaign for Germany. Results are pretty expected – CTR is 0.68%. Eventually, for 1.372.132 impressions the advertiser paid $365. Of course, publisher will get even less than that. With us, 1.5M impressions for Germany would generate $6-8K.

Example 2

In this example 2M requests generate $60-70. Yes, because of the low fill rate those requests generate 100-150K impressions, and in that case we get pretty decent 2-3% CR and $0.5 CPM (here in stats, for some reason, “CPM” stands for 1000 clicks, not impressions). Anyway, in Madmobile the fill rate is close to 100%, so those 2М would generate 2М impressions – with the expected awesome results.

As for shortcomings of android installs monetization, we can pinpoint a lower clicks-to-installs conversion rate for raw traffic – around 0.5-1% or more against 2-3% or more on push ads. Of course, this can be easily fixed by cutting off non-converting sources.

Also, the lifetime of installs might be a bit less than on push ads, but not that significantly.

We hope that you enjoyed the reading. Sign up with us, ask questions and let’s make some $$$! We are always happy to see some new faces among our partners!

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